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Zhang Mengxing, President of MCC, and His Delegation Visited the Sri Lanka Project of China MCC20 to Check and Guide the Work
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:05 November 2018

Zhang Mengxing, President of MCC, and His Delegation Visited the Sri Lanka Project of China MCC20 to Check and Guide the Work

On September 5th, Zhang Mengxing, President of MCC, Xu Yongjie, Head of Overseas Department of MCC, Fan Jintian, General Manager of MCC International, Wang Zhou, Vice General Manager of MCC International, Zhu Yonggui, President of China MCC20 Group, and Zhang Gangyu, Vice General Manager of China MCC20 Group arrived at the Project Management Department of Outer Circular Highway (OCH) Project of MCC in Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred to as “OCH Project Management Department”) and the Project Management Department of Central Expressway Project (CEP) of MCC in Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred to as “CEP Project Management Department”) to check and guide the projects. Zhang Xiaolei, Vice General Manager, and Gao Long, Senior Business Manager of MCC International Sri Lanka Branch took part in the meeting.

At noon and in the afternoon of that day, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation organized and held work report meetings and forums at OCH Project Management Department and CEP Project Management Department respectively. Cui Songming, Manager of OCH Project, and Lou Jianjun, Manager of CEP Project, made detailed work reports respectively. Main members of two project management departments and heads of related departments took part in the meeting. Through work report, leaders had more detailed understanding of the basic situations of two project departments. They also put forward guiding opinions and requests on project management.

With regard to the OCH Project, Xu Yongjie, Head of Overseas Department of MCC, proposed that: 1. OCH Project should make persistent efforts to realize high engineering quality on the basis of CKE Project, to win more praises and good reputation for MCC brand, and lay a solid foundation for further exploration of overseas market. 2. Staff should pay attention to safety. The compliance and safety of all tasks should be ensured. Specific plans and actions should be made to avoid hidden danger. There should be zero tolerance for safety problem. 3. Work summary should be made to explore the way of localization. The proportion of localization should be improved from 50% to 60~70%.

Fan Jintian, General Manager of MCC International, made work guidance to local employee employment, employment proportion, remuneration level, tax policy change, salary evalsuation & distribution, tax payment process and other aspects of project localization management. He pointed out that, OCH Project should follow international trends, strengthen localization management, and adopt management methods suitable for local conditions. He also provided valuable opinions and suggestions on contract alteration, claims for compensation, and profit realization of changed workload.

Zhu Yonggui, President of China MCC20 Group, made the following requests on further tasks of OCH Project Management Department after combining recent operation management situations of MCC20 Group: 1. Three indexes of operation management, i.e. data improvement, system realization and practical management, should be standardized to strengthen delicacy management. 2. Engineering management should always be under control. Further optimization should be realized. 3. The project management idea of “three COMPREHENSIVELY IMPLEMENT and three CREATE” of the company should be promoted comprehensively. During project execution process, we should pay attention to quality and establishment of brand image, continue to carry forward CKE spirit, and win Luban Prize for Construction Project overseas again. We should pay attention to profits and risk dissolution, strengthen human resource localization, and carry out delicacy management comprehensively. Meanwhile, we should deal with the relationship with different parties, to lay a good foundation for future projects. 4. We should keep strengthening the cooperation with MCC International. We should do the current project well, to lay a foundation for wider market, and support MCC International and Sri Lanka Branch to do further market exploration. 5. We should always pay attention to safety, without relaxing at any moment. The safety protection measures of employees stationed abroad should be realized. Construction safety should be further strengthened. Safety management and prevention during construction process should be strengthened. We should always be strict and careful in operation. 

President Zhu Yonggui emphasized the following six requirements on CEP Project: 1. Early-stage preparations should be made well. We should be fully ready to fight a fierce battle, use mature experience of CKE and OCH for reference, and carry forward such spirit. 2. We must grasp process control. Contract should be performed strictly. Quality, progress, safety, civilized construction and cost control should be grasped. Projects should be executed according to the requirements of “three COMPREHENSIVELY IMPLEMENT and three CREATE”. Delicacy management should be promoted comprehensively to improve benefits, establish the standard image of MCC, do high quality projects and create a great brand. 3. We must deal with the relationship with different parties, which was the key to complete the project successfully. 4. Duty performance must be supervised. Duty performance should be realized to every post, and foreign employees should be informed of such requirement. 5. Five spirits specified by President Zhang Mengxing on OCH report promotion meeting must be implemented carefully. 6. Employees must obey laws and disciplines, to ensure high engineering quality, excellent leaders, bottom line holding, contract execution, and no mass incident in foreign countries.

President Zhang Mengxing introduced the basic situations of MCC, its overseas market layout and exploration situations on two meetings. He summarized the successful experience of MCC and China MCC20 in jointly exploring the market in Sri Lanka for more than 10 years. He emphasized the important position of the Sri Lanka market in MCC, and fully confirmed the achievements and execution of CKE, OCH, CEP and other projects by MCC International and MCC20 project team. He hoped that MCC Sri Lanka Branch and MCC20 project execution team could keep giving play to all aspects of their professional advantages, to further develop and expand the market share in Sri Lanka. President Zhang Mengxing expressed deep concern for the front-line employees who were away from home, stationed overseas and persisted in striving for over ten years. He required that leaders at various levels must undertake responsibilities, and insist on the principle of safety first, to create good working and living environment for all overseas employees. The Project Department should keep practicing social responsibilities locally, deal with the relationship with different parties, try best to give back to local society, provide corresponding help to local residents, and build a good enterprise image of MCC locally. He pointed out that OCH Project and CEP Project had a relatively large influence in local area at present, which were also key overseas projects of MCC. He was very happy that MCC was highly recognized and praised by local government and people.

President Zhang Mengxing made important indications on the meeting: 1. We should conquer all obstacles, and complete our targets quickly in high quality. at present. We are full of confidence in the successful completion of OCH Project at present. However, we couldn’t take it lightly because we were still facing design and relocations problems to be solved as soon as possible. And we should plan in advance before rainy season came. Various work processes should be planned to make full use of resources to realize cost reduction and benefit increasing. As a team with rich experience, OCH must have the ambition to exceed CKE Project, trying to set a new record, so that local government and people would have better impression on MCC. 2. Careful preparations should be made to ensure all-out effort conditions of CEP. Local government paid great attention to the progress of CEP Project, especially financial problem, design approval, land requisition and demolishing, on which local government and related departments paid close attention. Senior manager of the group would provide assistance to solve such problems. Full preparations should be made for the project, so that employees could work energetically as soon as conditions were mature. 3. Explorations and innovations should be realized to make sure project control on a new level. He pointed out that, if secondary subsidiary wanted to become the main platform of project control, project control should be the starting point and foothold of all effective management. All tasks should be developed around project control, and the standard was to provide efficient and high quality service to projects. Enterprises should pay attention to such step in the reform. Project control should keep up with good projects, use experience for reference, realize intelligence, standardization, greenization, informatization and zero release. Overseas projects should learn from high-tech management experience of domestic projects, with high standards and strict requirement, to execute according to the most advanced project management ideas. We should pay attention to mode change during the control process. We should innovate bravely, draw on the wisdom of the masses, and let project managers and the project become community of interests, to maintain the market, and maximize the market through highest level project management. 4. We should strengthen and expand overseas market, enhance our sense of urgency and responsibility. Facing the current fierce competition environment, the group company had insufficient international talents. Advanced talents could not be introduced if the incentive mechanism was not activated, so our ability to meet the needs of international market was insufficient and overseas agencies could not give full play to their functions. Sri Lanka had wide market and rich opportunities. MCC20 Group should cooperate with MCC International to further explore the market in Sri Lanka. We should insist on the core ideas of “high technology, high speed and high quality” of our group, be confident to grow stronger and larger, and give play to our largest potential. 5. Party construction should be strengthened to guarantee organizational discipline and give play to the model role of Party members. The Overseas Project Department should also strengthen basic level Party construction, to make Party members feel organized. Decisions of all actions should be made according to the requirements of Party Committee, which should be down-to-earth rather than formalistic. Employees should be cared in life, so that Chinese and foreign employees have sense of belonging to our company, to improve cohesion and fighting capacity, advocate positive energy, and realize joint improvement.

Before the meeting, President Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited the newly built main camp of CEP Project, and took a group photo with all managers of the Project Department.

(Overseas Engineering Technology Company   Reported by Wang Xiaoping, Mu Xueliang and Zhang Shaojian  Photo taken by Dong Jianping and Sun Peng

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