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China MCC20 Sri Lanka OCH and CEP Projects Hold New Year's Day Celebration Together
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:04 April 2018

With the approaching of the New Year"s Day in 2018, all staff of China MCC20 OCH and CEP projects in Sri Lanka, joined hands to celebrate the unique New Year"s Day celebration in a foreign country.

On the morning of January 1, the employees of OCH and CEP projects held a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the New Year"s Day on the OCH project camp. The OCH Project Manager Cui Songming and CEP Project Manager Lou Jianjun respectively delivered a new year speech to summarize the work in 2017 and look forward to the work in 2018.

On the afternoon, the staff of the Project Department gathered in the canteen to start the competition for making dumplings on the New Year"s Day. Bizarre-shaped dumplings were made to bring out various laughters. The fun of making dumplings and the joy of eating, rendered liveliness and harmony to the scene; young people began a hearty basketball game on the playground, sweating while displaying full vitality.

The New Year"s Day on January 1 was the monthly Full Moon Poya Day of Sri Lanka, the local workers gathered in the Project Department to hold a grand praying ceremony. On the morning of January 2, the employees of the OCH and CEP project departments participated in the New Year celebrations organized by the local staff of the OCH Project Department and the Owner and Supervisor of the OCH Project Department. They also exchanged blessings and shared local cuisines.

(Overseas Engineering Technology Company: She Xun, Zhang Shaojian/Report Dong Jianping, Wang Xiaoping/Photo)

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