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Group's Marketing Department Won the Bid for the EPC Project of Apartment-Type Resettlement Houses including Yujiang Chenfu and Panlong.
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:04 April 2018

With the advent of the Spring Festival, good news came one after another. On January 29, the marketing work was added with another good news. The Group"s Marketing Department won the bid for the EPC general contracting project of apartment-style resettlement houses including Yujiang Chenfu and Panlong in Jinhua City. The project had a gross floor area of approximately 341,516 square meters and was constructed using prefabricated building technology. The single building assembly rate was not lower than 20%. The construction site was in Jinhua Development Zone, with construction period of 790 calendar days.

In the bid preparation process, the Marketing Department obtained active cooperation from the Construction Branch and the Engineering Design Institute, and gained the support of the Group leaders, both of which constituted good preparation for this successful bid. The well-planned design schemes, technical proposals, and credit standing of the Marketing Department gained the unanimous approval of the bid evalsuation expert group and won the highest score. With the successful bid of the project, the Group has currently achieved cumulative bid of about 900,000 square meters for assembly-type resettlement housing project in Jinhua City, which laid solid foundation for further deepening the infrastructure construction project in Jinhua City.

(Marketing Department: Wen Yuanyuan/Report Chen Fulin/Photo)

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