China MCC20 Group Corp., Ltd. started to update its corporate identity system in January 2007. The corporate identity system runs through the basic elements of the corporate identity system of China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC Group). Using the elements such as logos, flags, and standard characters of the MCC Group, the original logo of China National MCC20 Group Corp., Ltd. has completed its historical mission and is no longer used.

The MCC Group logo was designed in 1999. The MCC corporate identity consists of the MCC brand and the graphics of the Earth, covering the era of internationalization, collectivization, networking, and branding of the MCC Group; the blue color is the main color, and contains the vast depth of the ocean and symbolizes the thinking global, sailing afar, and foot printing all over the world of the advancing MCC. At the same time, blue is the color of the sky and signifies the lofty goals. It shows that the struggling MCC Group actively explore, continuously develop, and constantly innovate, and strive to achieve the grand blueprint of becoming bigger and stronger. The MCC logo is simple in shape, clear in theme, and accurately represents the mental outlook and cultural connotation of the MCC in the new era.

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